Strengthening Families Initiatives


At our 2017 Gala, VIA made an appeal for funding for our parent training and support programs — which together we refer to as our Strengthening Families Initiatives.

These programs are a vital lifeline for families — strengthening their skills and resilience, and bolstering their ability to nurture and support their loved ones. They are:

  • Jump Start Clinic – An intensive, 6-week training course designed to bridge the gap for families with a recent autism diagnosis who are waiting for services.
  • Intensive Caregiver Training – Empowering parents to be more effective teachers for their children, and more knowledgeable advocates for their care.
  • Crisis Training for Families – Teaching families how to avoid crisis situations before they develop, and how to manage them and stay safe when they do.

Thanks to our Gala donors, we have already funded training for 34 families! Our goal: train 50 families in the next year.  For that, we ask your help.  Please use the form below to give generously to support our Strengthening Families Initiatives and help us bring more effective, life-changing services to more families in central Virginia.