Young Supporters Inspire VIA Community

October 2, 2014 | Support

“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already.” – J.K. Rowling

Some special supporters of the Virginia Institute of Autism are proving that young people can have powerful impact on their community.

VIA families, staff and supporters gathered on the playground on Friday to honor five young people who took initiative to raise awareness about autism and collect donations for VIA.

We cannot thank these young people enough for supporting their siblings and friends with autism, and for being role models for their peers.

The future is brighter because of you! Thank you!

Meet our guests of honor:

Tatiana with her neighbor, VIA mom, Tricia

Tatiana with her neighbor, VIA mom, Tricia.

Tatiana & Caroline
Tatiana and Caroline organized a neighborhood lemonade sale to benefit “kids with autism.” They went door to door and asked neighbors if they would like to buy lemonade. They decided to donate their earnings to their neighbor Charlie’s school, VIA!

Ryan and his former teacher, Lauren

Ryan and his former teacher, Lauren

Ryan, a recent VIA graduate, raised awareness about autism as Scottsville’s Little Mr. Firefighter 2014. He spread the word about autism with a sign on his float at the July 4th parade, and passed out flyers about VIA after the parade!

Asher with his brother, Noah

Asher with his brother, Noah

When Asher’s Sunday School class had to choose a cause for their Tzedakah, he told his friends about how much VIA has helped his brother. The kids voted for a charity, and chose VIA!

EmmaGrace with Emily Callahan, VIA's Outpatient Director

EmmaGrace with Emily Callahan, VIA’s Outpatient Director

EmmaGrace is an invaluable volunteer in the Pathways program. She takes intiative to help people with autism at VIA and beyond. Her platform with the Miss Virginia/Miss America Organization is “Raising Awareness of Children with Social Disabilities.” In 2013, she held a lemonade stand to benefit VIA. The project allowed the Pathways Summer Camp to have a giant water slide for the last day of camp party!

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