Thank You, Ushers!

July 8, 2015 | Support

The Interdenominational Church Usher’s Association of Virginia Inc. has a spirit of giving, and this year, its members chose VIA as the beneficiary of its annual conference.

“Our hearts go out to the children,” said member Elizabeth Blakey, “and when I came to VIA and took a tour, I was impressed.”

Blakey explained that VIA was appreciative of whatever she and her fellow church ushers from all over Virginia could give – “little, big, small or in between,” she said.

Together, the ushers collected hundreds of toiletries to help VIA students learn self-help skills. They also raised over $600 for VIA’s Family Emergency Fund.

During a gift presentation at the annual conference, the organization’s State President, Irene Washington, said she was inspired to give to VIA when she read our blog post about how VIA families gave back to the community through an auction at Pete’s Auction Service.

“I was overwhelmed at the gift presentation by the tremendous outpouring of support for our VIA community,” said Hilary Nagel, VIA’s Family Resource Navigator. “Their compassion was tangible as they listened attentively to us speak further on autism and VIA’s services. Their gifts were a visible symbol of their love for our VIA families.”

We are so grateful to be a part of this generous community.

Thank you to all of the ushers who made donations to VIA!

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