Students Enjoy Enrichment Program

July 23, 2014 | Family Resource Navigator

VIA students are exploring sensory rich activities in a new enrichment program at the James C. Hormel School.

Nicole Root from Explorations Play Studio brings her Playtrays to VIA to let students experiment with enticing, open-ended materials.

“It was fascinating to see which materials lured in what children, and how long it captivated them,” said Root.

Some students enjoyed running amaranth grain through their fingers, while others played with turtle, ant and snail replicas.

“It was also interesting to see how some children chose to use this experience as a calming experience, fully enjoying the sensory input from the materials,” said Root, “and others who used it as a creative play outlet, taking orders as to what type of ice cream we wanted.”

Family Resource Navigator Hilary Nagel said no matter how they used the time, the enrichment program was a hit with students and instructors!

Thank you to Nicole and Explorations Play Studio!

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