Staff Spotlight: Diving In!

November 3, 2017 | Staff

In our Spotlight, we often feature staff who have years of experience with VIA. This month, we shine the light on one of our newer co-workers, who has jumped right in and has changed lives doing so. Jordan Lewis joined VIA last year as an Outpatient Behavioral Services Coordinator. Right from the start, she has worked tirelessly and energetically to help improve her clients’ lives. “She entered the role flawlessly,” says OBS Director Ashley Walding.

Jordan came to VIA straight out of James Madison University where she received her degree in health sciences and a minor in Special Education. Jordan joined VIA in the footsteps of one of her college professors who was working at VIA’s James C. Hormel School as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst at the time.

‘It’s been kind of a wild ride,” she says. “Ethan [Long, Executive Director] said it would be on my first day here. I was a little overwhelmed at first, but the more I’ve worked here the more my perspective has shifted.”

As her time here at VIA has progressed, so has the boost she gets from being part of the team. What Jordan has liked most about VIA is the continuous energy her coworkers and students bring every day. She enjoys that after a session with one student, she has another student to work with on something completely different.

Energy, enthusiasm, variety….a winning combination. Thank you Jordan for diving in and making such a strong contribution to our team.