Staff Spotlight: Back in the Classroom

November 3, 2017 | Staff

If you’ve ever walked through the doors at VIA’s James C. Hormel School, you probably recognize the name, the face, and the friendly demeanor of Jeanette Atkins. For 2 years, until this past summer, Jeanette served as our receptionist at JCH. She joined us in August of 2015 from Western State Hospital where she was a psychiatric nurse’s assistant. At VIA, she became an Instructor in Classroom 2, looking forward to the opportunity to work directly with students. But after an injury, she left the classroom and started to work providing reception and general administrative support.

This month, we spotlight Jeanette’s long-anticipated return to the classroom as an Instructor in Classroom 4. “I started off in the classroom and knew that’s where I wanted to return,” she says. “Working on the administrative side of the organization gave me irreplaceable insight into how much it takes to run a business, but I like having a more direct, hands-on approach with our students.”

Recently, Jeanette has been working intensively with one student in particular who is on track to take the Virginia Standards of Learning tests. She says that she enjoys being able to develop her skills in Applied Behavior Analysis, and how supportive the staff are of each other. According to Jeanette, “the rest of the staff are amazing! They help me catch up with whatever I need so I’m very thankful for that.” VIA is very thankful to have Jeanette back in the classroom!