Staff Spotlight – Building One VIA

September 8, 2017 | Staff

Staff Development Days are an important time for training, teamwork, and collaboration. Over the final two days of the summer break for VIA’s students and clients, VIA staff got to do all that and more. Monday, August 14 served as a chance for staff to prepare for the new school year. Some took crisis intervention training, others worked on student planning and schedules, and still others used the time the way teachers always do — to catch up on any work they needed to tend to. This year was a bit different for VIA staff in that a full day was devoted to team building across the VIA organization.

On Tuesday, VIA staff traveled to UVa’s Poplar Ridge Challenge Course to participate in a morning of cross-department team development activities. Staff were tasked with solving a wide range of challenges in both small and large groups, that required all hands on deck in order to solve the problem. This activity was designed to respond to our organization’s “ONE VIA” initiative. The goal of the initiative is to ultimately make a more seamless transition between services for VIA students, clients, families, and stakeholders. Internally, by working more collaboratively across departments, VIA can leverage expertise and resources to betters support each program.

“As VIA grows to serve more people, it’s vitally important that we stay connected to each other as an organization,” said Executive Director Ethan Long. “These staff development days are a great way for us to do that. They help build our capacity as a team to stay focused on our mission of meeting the needs of the families we serve.”