Skills Transfer – Staff Spotlight – Noelle Funk

May 5, 2017 | Adult

Noelle Funk joined VIA two years ago after working for a number of years in the Regional Library system. She had been working as branch manager in the Scottsville Public Library, but she was ready for a change.

“I was looking around for something new, and I saw an ad for Sibling Support Day,” she says. She had heard of VIA through her library work, and a neighbor had recently had a child diagnosed with autism. So she decided to look into it. A visit to the VIA website showed a job opening, and, with no background in special ed, she decided to go for it.

As you know she got the job. It turns out that her skills from library work — organization, a spirit of service, listening — transfer pretty well. Noelle began working at the James C. Hormel School in the post-high program, and transferred to the Adult Academy when the post-program moved to Remson. “I graduated from post-high with Bradley and Eric,” she says.

It wasn’t the last transition she had to make.  When Melanie Hart went out a bit earlier than expected on maternity leave, Noelle and others stepped up to take on some of the administrative duties. Mark Seymour, Director of the Adult Academy, says “Noelle has seized the opportunity. She brings an incredible set of skills that allow her to help build and organize Individual Service Plans for the clients, coordinate scheduling, meet with case managers and with families … all the things that help keep us going.”

“It feels right,” says Noelle. “I always felt I had these skills, and now I get to use them.”

“I can’t say enough about our staff now,” says Mark. “We’re growing, and everyone is pitching in. When we hold our staff meetings, we fill the board room. It’s like a pre-game meeting before the big game. Everyone’s excited and working very well together.”