Senator Deeds Visit Highlights Need for Expanded Services

October 30, 2018 | Press

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – (CBS19 NEWS) – With demand going up for services at the Virginia Institute of Autism (VIA), state Senator Creigh Deeds met with the institute’s President Tuesday morning to see firsthand the work involved in autism services and how he can help.

According to VIA’s President, Ethan Long, children and their families are waiting to access the Institute’s school and outpatient services.

Furthermore, VIA’s services are expanding. The organization recently rolled out a diagnostic service to anyone wondering if a child is on the autism spectrum. VIA also introduced a speech language pathology services.

These services and more require the care of additional staff, and Deeds said that he will use his voice to support VIA’s work.

“While there’s a significant amount of work here, a significant amount of good things, the need is so much greater,” Deeds said. “We’ve got to focus on the future. We’ve got to focus on finding the ways to raise the money, public and private, to make sure that this operation VIA can continue and that we also have the space we need to serve a growing population.”

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