A Party We’re All Celebrating

September 16, 2014 | Programs

Students in the VIA Outpatient Behavioral Services preschool group are celebrating a major milestone – a birthday party!

Only one of them just turned 6, but a birthday party was a big deal for the whole group.

The birthday boy had never had a real birthday party before, and his friends had never been invited to one.

His mom explained that by 6 years old, most kids have been to countless birthday parties, but her son had been missing out on this special occasion. She was excited that now, her son could celebrate his big day with his friends, just like his siblings would.

The birthday boy and his friends met through a social skills practice group, made possible by our new Remson Court facility.

The party was a chance for them all to celebrate how far they’ve come!

The birthday boy’s mom decked out the Outpatient group room with farm-themed balloons and party games, horse and cow kazoos, and chicken and sheep cupcakes.

The birthday boy played pin the tail on the donkey with his friends, broke open a piñata full of lollipops and farm animal toys, and smiled from ear to ear while his friends, his Outpatient team and his mom sang him “Happy Birthday!”

Happy Birthday!

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