Craft Brew Release to Benefit VIA

February 16, 2017 | Events

At our October Gala, VIA parents Jessica and Will Cohen bid on and won a craft brewing experience at Pro Re Nata Farm Brewery in Crozet. Will and his friends developed a specialty brew, and on Saturday, it’s being released.

Their brew is called Kal-Ale (see the story behind the name below). Come out and try it.  Visit with VIA staff and families. A portion of all sales on Saturday will go to benefit VIA.

Saturday, February 18
12pm — 5pm
Pro Re Nata Farm Brewery
6135 Rockfish Gap Turnpike, Crozet
(434) 823-4878


The story behind the name. Why Kal-Ale?

Every parent wants to raise their child to be great – to give back love, happiness, education, and strength. As parents we are there to guide our children by giving them experiences to harness their skills to achieve this greatness. In a way, we are raising our own superheroes – helping them find their powers.

Our son is autistic. Like all children, he has many strengths – he is loving, intelligent, and extremely energetic. He experiences the world different than most – so different, that at times we believe he feels as if he was from another world . Like Superman, we need to help him understand how to interact in our world and tap into his powers to be great. Our journey as parent is to raise Super Sam.

This beer is named after Superman’s real name (Kal-El). It is in honor of Sam, all of his friends who guide him, and for all parents who need a strong drink after a day of raising heroes.


Will and Jess Cohen

Brew crew

The brew masters at work.