Building Field Day

June 6, 2017 | Programs

VIA’s annual Field Day is coming this Friday. And thanks to these three fine folks it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. Jeanette and Alex and Shane have been resourcing and outsourcing and crowdsourcing to set up a panoply of summer treats. How did they get involved, you ask…..?  Well, there’s a story behind that.

Our very worthy Staff Engagement Team has been an active force for a number of months now, coordinating special events like Teacher Appreciation Day, Valentine messages, and staff participation in 5K race events.  They’re also busy planning our staff development days for the summer and fall.

With such a full plate, it seemed like a spinoff subcommittee might be a good idea. So these three stepped up to carry the flag for Field Day. “It’s going to be a crazy day,” says Jeanette. “They gave us a budget and a lot of free reign and we’ve just been rolling with it.”

Alex went to the students in Building C for advice – “I asked what they’d like to do, and they said ‘water.’ Plus they wanted to interact with teachers, I love dunk tanks, so I suggested it and they just went crazy.”  A number of staff have volunteered to take the plunge for the sake of the team.  But you’ll have to show up to find out who.

Shane crowdsourced music suggestions and put out the call for dunk tank volunteers. He also is building a photo booth and assembling all the props.  Kona Ice, a Petting Zoo, Balloon Art, Bubbles, Wading Pools, Glitter tattoos…..  The Field Day crew have assembled a great program.

All of VIA is welcome and encouraged to turn out this Friday at JCH School, 1414 Westwood Road from 12:45 to  2:00.  We’ll see you there.