Parent training program meeting

Strengthening Families

VIA offers a series of training and support programs under the banner of our Strengthening Families Initiatives. These programs provide a vital lifeline for families — strengthening their skills and resilience, and bolstering their ability to nurture and support their loved ones. They are:

Jump Start Clinic – An intensive, 6-week training course designed to bridge the gap for families with a recent autism diagnosis who are waiting for services.

Intensive Caregiver Training – Empowering parents to be more effective teachers for their children, and more knowledgeable advocates for their care.

Adult Behavioral Consult — when challenging behavior interferes with daily living, behavioral consult addresses these challenges with the adult and their caregivers in home or clinic or in the community.

To inquire about our family training services, please click to our Getting Started form in the green box above, and select the Outpatient / in-home / Family Training option.