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We believe learning is a life-long endeavor that doesn’t end when an adult “ages out” of the educational system. Our professional staff is keenly aware of the unique challenges that face adults with autism and related developmental disabilities. We are committed to providing individualized support services across an individual’s lifespan.

VIA Academy for Adults

We provide a safe and nurturing atmosphere that utilizes evidence-based educational and clinical practices to help adults with autism to successfully navigate and adapt to their individual social environments. We enable adults to use their unique strengths and preferences to connect with their communities, develop life-long relationships, and explore new interests. Our program is licensed through the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.

Behavioral Consultation

VIA’s Adult Services team is here to support your family with services necessary to help adults living with autism lead more fulfilling lives. We tailor our program to meet your specific needs.

Problem or Opportunity? Prospects for Adult Services

Director of Adult Services Mark Seymour has recently reviewed the progress on the settlement agreement between the Department of Justice and the Commonwealth of Virginia regarding the commonwealth’s (lack of) progress on providing need-based services to persons with developmental disabilities.

The report takes Virginia to task for lagging on these services, but Mark sees plenty to learn, and plenty to grow on, in the discussion of how services should be structured and delivered. Read Mark’s overview of the issues, here.

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