VIA’s primary goal is to enable our students and clients to participate more meaningfully in family and community life and to develop skills necessary for greater independence and success in less restrictive environments. We do that by developing programs that meet families at the point of need.

VIA operates three core programs for children, adolescents, and adults on the autism spectrum.

James C. Hormel School is a full-time, year-round day school providing education and clinical programs proven to address the core symptoms of autism spectrum disorder.

Outpatient Behavioral Services provides individual and group therapies to address the continuum of needs in the home, community, and clinical settings.

Adult Services offers a year-round, five-day-per-week day program, employment opportunities, and behavioral consultation for adult clients across the spectrum and their families.

VIAble Ventures is a social impact program creating meaningful employment opportunities for adults on the autism spectrum.

We also operate a series of training and support programs under our Strengthening Families Initiatives.  These programs are a vital lifeline for families — strengthening their skills and resilience, and bolstering their ability to nurture and support their loved ones.

To find out more about any of our programs, follow the links above. Or use the link in the green Start a Conversation box above to inquire about enrollment.