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Thank you for your generous support! We are excited to celebrate with you.

Presenter of the Stephen B. Perry Award

Virginia National Bank


Ambassador James C. Hormel and Michael P. Nguyen
Alison and Bernard* Webb in honor of VIA Staff


Claudia Campo and Jason Cockerill*
Anne C. Hormel
I.J. and Hilda M. Breeden Foundation
Dr. Alice Meador


Gina and Greg Yoder in honor of Ben Yoder & Alex Hersman


Sarah P. Hendley in honor of Alison, Bernard, Harry & Georgia Webb
Elizabeth Hormel
James C. Hormel, Jr.
Kelly* and Alex Moore in honor of Alex Moore IV
Quantitative Investment Management
Eileen and Jeffrey Stanczak


Barbara and John* Battiston
Polly and John Hormel
Jean Pearce and William Sherman in honor of Blair Sherman
Melissa and Chris* Powell
Trident Seafood Corps


Annemarie Clemente and Milton Dunlap*
Hallie and Matt* Hegemier
Heidi and Bob Johnson
Camilyn and Peter Leone
Caroline and Jay McNeely
Wendy and Alex Moore
Paul Muhlberger, Broker/Owner of Silvergate Realty
Barbara* and Hank Rainville


Alisa Bahl and Ethan Long
Diane and Dick Brownlee
Cox Clinic of Chiropractic in honor of Elena Cockerill
Kathryn B. & F. Troost Parker Fund
Sheryl and Keith* Haney
Molly McShane* and Josh Bowers
Frances and Curtis Powell
Randi and Andy* Rod
Sarah Hormel Everett Charitable Fund
Larry Soule
Lori and Rich* Stevenson
Kara Williams
Suzanne Yeaman and Tom McQueeney


Nancy Achilles
Kris Bell and David Webb
Kari and Kent Couling
Pamela and Frankl Edmonds in honor of the Moore family
Tori Goodloe and Chris Little*
Ann Lawrence Grasty thanks to the VIA staff for giving Pierce roots and wings!
Risa Guloboff and Rich Schragger
Kathleen and Ward Gypson in honor of Elena Cockerill, Ava Breza, and Dawson Graves
Peggy and John Halliday
Hantzmon Wiebel LLP
Rodney and Tracy Harrington
Bertie D. Heiner & Bill Atwood
Julie Horne
Rorie and Stuart Hutter
Megan and Brice Jackson
Kelly Turkeys in honor of Afton Culver
Kate Lambert
Carol and Dick* Lavine
Cynthia and Mark Lorenzoni
Natalie and Rob* Masri
Margaret and Monte Parsons
Erica and Nat Perkins
Monica and Michael Prichard in honor of Charlie Taylor
Pete’s Auction House
Roe and Bill Sanford
Maureen and John Strazzullo
Karen and Jeff Ward in honor of Alex Moore
Katherine and Matt Williams
Elke Zschaebitz and David Gordon*

*Denotes VIA Board Member