Kelly Moore


Kelly and her husband Alex moved to Charlottesville in 1998 in search of effective services for their son (also named Alex), who is on the autism spectrum. The younger Alex was a student at VIA from the age of 21 months until his freshman year in high school, when he transferred to Western Albemarle High School. He graduated from WAHS in 2015.

The Moore family is among VIA’s most tireless advocates. Alex Sr. served on the VIA board for 9 years, and both Alex and Kelly have helped connect VIA to many leaders in our community who have become significant supporters of our mission. Their children, Samantha and Max, have also worked throughout the years to support VIA.

Kelly earned her MAT from American University, and she worked as a Reading Specialist in the Albemarle County Schools for six years. She is dedicated to community service—serving on the board of Charlottesville YMCA Aquatic Club, as well as volunteering with Farmington Country Club Swim Team, St. Anne’s-Belfield School, and Special Olympics. She joined the VIA board in 2015 and has previously served as Vice President.