The Stephen B. Perry Award

For Outstanding Service to People with Autism

We are excited to announce Virginia National Bank’s 2014 Stephen B. Perry Award recipient, Dr. Alice P. Meador!

Dr. Meador has been a champion of autism services and a supporter of the Virginia Institute of Autism since before the non-profit’s founding in 1996.

Dr. Meador served on VIA’s very first Board of Directors, and created a summer camp for children with autism.

Mark Lorenzoni, the 2012 Perry Award Recipient who introduced Dr. Meador, told the audience about her love for her own grandchildren, and her passion for expanding VIA’s services to help more children in need.

Thank you, Dr. Meador, for your outstanding service to people with autism. We are grateful for your hard work and passion!

The Stephen B. Perry Award recognizes outstanding dedication and service on behalf of people living with autism. The award is named in honor of Steve Perry, who served on the Board of Directors of the Virginia Institute of Autism from 2003 to the time of his death in December of 2011. Steve’s commitment and contribution to VIA is immeasurable. He did not have a personal connection with autism, however, as he learned about the challenges facing the families served at VIA face he pledged his time to give a voice to those that had none.

As a business leader in our community, Steve saw the growing needs of people with autism and VIA became his vehicle to impact their lives. Steve understood that to improve the quality of life and create opportunities for people with autism and their families, they must have access to high quality, evidence-based programs like VIA’s education, outreach and adult services. We honor Steve’s legacy and those individuals who dedicate themselves to children and families facing the challenges of autism through this award.

Thank you to Virginia National Bank for presenting the Stephen B. Perry Award for Outstanding Service to People with Autism.